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Society and Solidarity

The Oxford Genomics for Social Scientists Summer School will equip students with a unique insight into the emerging topic of sociogenomics and the most cutting-edge methodological techniques in this area of research. Thie one-week course provides introductory lectures by top scholars in the field of sociogenomics as well as hands-on computer lab training by experts in the field. [...]
Identification of causal mechanisms in demographic research: The contribution of panel data
The aim of the Special Issue is to demonstrate and scrutinize the analytical potential of panel methods in investigating causal mechanisms in demographic research.  [...]
The topic for the eighth edition of the ECSR Spring School is “Geography, Mobility and Social Stratification”. The focus of the school is on the way geographical information might be included in the analysis of social stratification, in particular to study the interrelations between geography and other mechanisms of intergenerational reproduction of status. [...]
This seminar, organized by IUSSP and INED, aims to bring together research examining how demographic behaviours and the intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic status interact to shape patterns of inequality over time. [...]
Income poverty is an important but insufficient measure of economic hardship for children
In a study just published by the prestigious journal Demography, Anika Schenck-Fontaine (Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories) and Lidia Panico (Institut National d’Études Démographiques) looked at multiple economic hardship combinations and how they are associated with children’s behavior problems between ages 3 and 7. [...]
What do we know about chances of social mobility in Europe? To what extent can educational and labour market policies contribute to more equal societies? These were some of the questions driving presentations during a meeting organized by Population Europe, the European Consortium for Sociological Research, and the European Parliament Research Service on the 11th of November 2019. [...]
This is the sixth edition of the LIVES Winter School, the second organized by Venice International University and led by the two VIU member universities: the University of Lausanne and the University of Padua. During an intensive one-week program, doctoral students and young researchers will work on various fields of Life Course research through a multidisciplinary approach (Sociology, Psychology, Social Psychology, Life-span Psychology, Social Demography and Social Policies) led by internationally renowned experts. [...]
This two-day workshop invites researchers in the economic and social sciences who utilize the digitalization of historical sources to study intergenerational mobility. [...]